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LeaseLabs Client Video Series: Episode 2 First Communities

Posted by Chris Sumida on Apr 12, 2017 12:00:15 PM


The LeaseLabs Client Video Series gives our audience an inside look into what it’s like to work with LeaseLabs, the company culture we thrive on, and showcase the amazing work we’ve done for our clients. We connected with Sparkle Allen, First Communities Vice President of Marketing, at the end of 2016 for their quarterly review and strategize upcoming 2017 digital marketing campaigns. 

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Google Cracks Down on Intrusive Mobile Pop-Ups

Posted by Steven Ozbun on Jan 25, 2017 11:46:20 AM


Google’s recent algorithm update designed to demote the rankings of sites that use intrusive pop-ups on mobile devices went live this month. The update is designed to ensure the user experience on mobile is preserved, and prevents sites from requiring a user to take action within a pop-up window before accessing a site’s content.

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Penguin Returns to Google 4 Good

Posted by Steven Ozbun on Oct 12, 2016 1:49:49 PM


Recently, Google announced a seismic update that many webmasters had been waiting for with bated breath: Penguin 4.0, one of Google’s more influential algorithm updates, has been updated.

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Stop Bots From Interfering With Your Analytics Data

Posted by Steven Ozbun on Aug 18, 2016 5:48:55 PM


As internet traffic continues to rise, website administrators are forced to deal with a particularly annoying nuisance: Bot traffic. Although not all bots exist to send referral spam traffic to various websites, many disrupt the data collected by Google Analytics.

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How 404s and Broken Links Destroy Your SEO

Posted by Chris Sumida on Sep 23, 2015 10:46:34 AM


The web is an ever changing environment and search engines understand this, in fact, 404s are a perfectly normal part of the web. Domains expire, websites are abandoned, incorrect URLs are used and websites are restructured. New content is created and old is discarded.
However, if your site has numerous expired/deleted pages and external links point to these url’s on your page, both your search engine ranking and more importantly, your website user-experience will suffer.

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