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Stop bots from interfering with your Analytics data

As internet traffic continues to rise, website administrators are forced to deal with a particularly annoying nuisance: Bot traffic. Although not all bots exist to send referral spam traffic to various websites, many disrupt the data collected by Google Analytics. What is Bot Traffic? Bot (short for robot) traffic is a segment of online web […]


The Faces of LeaseLabs: Allie Bartholomew

Name: Allie Bartholomew Title: Web Developer Hometown: Woodland, CA How long have you been with LeaseLabs? I’ve been with the LeaseLabs team for about 10 months. As a web developer, have you always known you wanted to code? What has your path been like? No, I didn’t! My path started as a pre-dental student at […]

email automation

Recycling Last Year’s Leads and Driving Conversion with Drip Automation

While email marketing can be a fundamental part of your marketing strategy, many marketers do not use it to its fullest potential. Email marketing can help groom new leads. Too often, email serves as an introductory channel that helps familiarize users with your community, but that quickly fades without a properly nurtured funnel. According to […]

creating micro-moments

What, Why and How. Micro-Moments in Multifamily

There’s no doubt, consumer behavior is changing. Today, it’s rare to encounter someone who does not own a cell phone, and more often than not, those cell phones are smartphones. Not only does this provide the owner with instant connectivity to their sphere, but it also gives them access to information at their fingertips. A […]


The Faces of LeaseLabs: Nicole Cermak

Name: Nicole Cermak Title: Technical Project Manager Hometown: Poway, CA As LeaseLabs’ Technical Project Manager, what are your typical responsibilities? I am heavily involved with scheduling for our design and development teams. I also work closely with our content and QA teams, making sure everyone understands their priorities and helping to remove blockers, if needed. […]

Selling the Sizzle

Selling the Sizzle Live Webinar

By popular demand, we will be hosting a live webinar from the 2016 AIM  presentation “Selling the Sizzle.” To register, click here. The live webinar will take place on July 27 at 10am PT / 1pm ET. Don’t miss your chance to learn from industry experts. During the presentation you’ll learn how to: Leverage a Full […]