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4 Ways To Incorporate Emotional Marketing In Multifamily

Posted by Chris Sumida on Jul 14, 2017 11:16:18 AM


In the decades before the internet, print, radio, and television were the main players in the advertising game. While it remains important where you position your message, it’s equally important how your message is conveyed. The practice of using precise techniques to touch on a potential or current residents’ emotions have become an effective and widely used strategy in marketing. 

From strategically chosen color schemes to font sizes, many components can ignite a range of feelings towards a brand and their message. While emotional advertising has become extremely popular for retail brands, certain tactics can be as effective for apartment communities to use to connect with residents. Here are a few ways brands relate to consumers and how they can be put in action with your apartment communities.

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Leaselabs Client Video Series: Episode 1 Banner Property Management

Posted by Chris Sumida on Feb 23, 2017 7:28:58 AM


Our team of strategists and creatives have heard just about every client request during the branding process, and that's exactly what we want. Without a dialogue between teams, questions are not asked, and valuable conversations don't occur. We explore your business goals, ask questions that strike valuable conversations, and guide the creative decision-making process so your branding project comes to life.

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Three Key Takeaways from Google’s New Logo

Posted by Steven Ozbun on Sep 2, 2015 11:29:20 AM


Google today unveiled a new logo that would become the brand’s biggest singular visual change since its inception in 1999. Unveiled with a Google doodle displaying an animation that wiped off the old logo and replaced it with a new one, Google presented a bold, sans-serif logo that will adapt and scale better than its predecessor. While the new logo may not seem like a significant update, there were incredibly important decisions that went into this transformation of type and its impact on user experience across Google’s suite of products.

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