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The Faces of LeaseLabs: Amanda Maclin

Posted by Chris Sumida on Mar 23, 2016 11:08:32 AM


Name: Amanda Maclin

Title: National Business Development Executive

Hometown: Bloomington, IN

LeaseLabs: As one of LeaseLabs’ National Business Development Executives, what are your roles and responsibilities?

Amanda: As part of the Business Development team, I am responsible for working with clients to identify their marketing objectives and pain points. I help them review what is working in their marketing plan and what is not. With my marketing background on the operations side of the multifamily industry, I feel that I can give great insight on what LeaseLabs offers and how we can help increase exposure, while saving the client money.

LeaseLabs: So what does the average day look like?

Amanda: My day is full! But I work systematically. My morning starts with CAFFEINE, then I work on emails and follow-ups. Late morning to afternoon I focus on calls and online product demos. Late afternoon, I follow-up from the day and review any contract work.

Did you notice I did not say lunch? I never eat lunch :( I like to treat each asset as though I am the owner. I am not out to just sell every product to everybody. I do a deep dive with each client and recommend what I honestly think would help them the most without breaking their budget.


LeaseLabs: You mentioned you previously worked on the operations side of the industry. What specifically did you do before joining LeaseLabs?

Amanda: At 19 years old, I started leasing apartments so I could get a discount on my apartment. Who knew that would evolve into 20 years in the business? I have worked in every position possible, from leasing to Vice President. Most recently, I was Director of Property & Personnel Development for a Midwest-based property management company.

LeaseLabs: And how long have you been part of LeaseLabs now?  

Amanda: I have been a member of the team for 2 and a half years.

LeaseLabs: So with so much travel involved with your role, how are you able to stay organized and on top of other projects?  

Amanda: I am so old school! I still use pen and paper. I have this awesome journal that I use to remind me about any follow-ups and meetings. I highlight it off when a task is completed. I love seeing a page that is completely yellow! Sometimes I just add stuff that I have already completed, just so I can highlight it off my list,  LOL. I also live and breathe by my calendar reminders.

LeaseLabs: Aside from all that highlighting, what is your favorite part of your job?  

Amanda: I love conferences, because it is like a big family reunion! I get to spend time with the other team members, and our many friends that are LeaseLabs partners. I love to hear all the success stories from our partnerships. Plus the locations are never bad!

LeaseLabs: Do you have any memories that stand out while working with LeaseLabs?  

Amanda: I have so many!  When I am with this team, we are never short of stories and laughs. One of my very favorite stories was actually from when I was a client. Dana & Steven hosted a group of clients in Denver for a focus group outing. We went white water rafting – the only problems were the river was low, it was snowing and hailing, and we were forced to wear these wetsuits. Can you imagine me in a wetsuit? No matter how embarrassed I was, I tried to make the best of the day. Another raft capsized, we were stuck in a hailstorm for over an hour, I could go on and on.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.00.39 PM

LeaseLabs: That’s hilarious!

Amanda: Every time we talk about this story, I cry. It was hilarious. If Dana & Steven still liked me after that day, I knew we had a special bond.

LeaseLabs: I also know you like to travel on your own time as well! Do you have any big trips coming up?

Amanda: After traveling so much for the job, some would wonder why I do not just staycation. But  anytime I can travel and experience new things with my amazing husband and kids, I will take it!  In the last few years we have taken a couple of cruises. I did not think I would like cruising, but I am hooked now! We are looking at a cruise over the winter holiday break this year, ringing in the new year on the high seas. This particular cruise leaves out of Miami, and stops at Grand Turk & Caicos, La Romana (Dominican Republic), Bonaire & Aruba.

As well, I am a Disney Fanatic. Ask me anything – I can help you plan the perfect Disney vacation.  But you have to stay in the park and get the meal plan! My dream is to take a Disney cruise before my son “outgrows” the characters.


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