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The Fine Art of Rent Renewals

Posted by Amanda Maclin on Jan 17, 2018 9:17:40 AM

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The multifamily rental market steadily climbed upward over the past few years. In fact, lease renewal rates hit a 10-year high. So, what does that mean to you as a property manager?

Forecasts suggest we’ve reached a peak and market shifts may be around the corner. As a result, past motivators for renewing leases may change, and community and property managers may need to develop new strategies to entice residents to stay.

Lease renewal is an art rather than a science, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula that guarantees success. Adding a few creative strategies to your property management toolbox, however, will assist with increasing resident retention and get you a step ahead of volatile market changes. Check out these tips to inspire your efforts.

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A Look Back At 2017 With LeaseLabs

Posted by Steven Ozbun on Dec 22, 2017 2:51:22 PM

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LeaseLabs had an exciting close to a very prosperous year, that wasn't only filled with product launches and trade show conferences, but also a year full of milestones, accolades, and positive news. As we begin to look ahead to 2018, we’d like to share a few standout accomplishments the LeaseLabs team worked hard to achieve. Here is a look back at our 2017. 

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Marketing Masterminds: Episode 2 Lincoln Property Company

Posted by Steven Ozbun on Dec 12, 2017 2:20:10 PM



Marketing Masterminds is our original video series that conducts one-on-one interviews with multifamily industry leaders. Each video showcases new inbound marketing strategies, best practices, and branding and creative inspiration. This week, we interviewed Sheri Killingsworth, Lincoln Property Company VP of Marketing and Communications, on her 2017 content marketing strategy and explored some of the amazing results Lincoln saw from their efforts.

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LeaseLabs Founder And CEO, Dana Zeff, Wins Three Stevie Awards For Women In Business

Posted by Steven Ozbun on Dec 5, 2017 12:21:25 PM

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This week, LeaseLabs is proud to announce that Founder and CEO, Dana Zeff, is the winner of three Bronze Medals for the 2017 Stevie® Awards for Women in BusinessZeff won the Bronze in the following categories: 

  1. Female Entrepreneur of the Year
  2. Female Executive of the Year
  3. Woman of the Year In Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations
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GeoTargeter Conversion Metric Update

Posted by Chris Sumida on Dec 5, 2017 11:43:17 AM

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LeaseLabs is excited to announce that the GeoTargeter platform now has the ability to better distinguish between residents that live in the community and actual prospects through a new reporting feature that includes “Unique Walk-In Conversions."

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