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New Site Focuses on Full Stack Marketing

Posted by Steven Ozbun on May 4, 2016 4:40:18 PM


The momentum that brought a number of changes to our company last year continues into the second quarter of this year with the launch of our cutting-edge website design. We’ve overhauled our website to create a better user experience and to use the latest technologies that help us illustrate our apartment marketing solutions.

“The days of sitting on a waiting list for prospects to find your apartment community are over,” said Steven Ozbun, President of LeaseLabs. “In today’s increasingly competitive digital landscape, digital marketers need to leverage new multi-channel marketing techniques to not only capture the attention of prospects, but to successfully lead them down the path to lease.”

Enhanced functionality

Our new website leverages a Scrolling Page Architecture™ framework that is not only an intuitive, scroll-based design, it also performs better on a mobile device than a traditional responsive website. The functionality allows users to navigate through a full menu of marketing solutions without having to click through a cumbersome navigation.

“Mobile and desktop browsers have become powerful enough to go beyond a normal scroll and click website,” said Stephen Waits, Associate President of Technology. “Today, we are able to build complete applications which elevate the user experience to new levels. These applications leverage modern front-end development technologies like Angular to not only create a unique visual experience, but also provide the end-user with advanced functionality.”

Creating a better user experience

In addition to a more intuitive user experience, our new website reimagines the apartment marketing funnel to offer solutions for every stage from discovery to resident retention. Centered around the concept of Full Stack Marketing, the new website presents solutions in a way where all products center around the most important platform: The website. The mobile-first, Scrolling Page Architecture™ gives apartment communities and property managers a platform on which to build Full Stack Marketing solutions ranging from search engine optimization, social media optimization, custom geo-targeted advertising and print collateral.

“We’re really thrilled about the new technology that we’re bringing to our customers, and even more excited to see it executed on our site,” said founder and CEO Dana Zeff. “We are committed to being leaders in our field, and hope that the new user experience helps illustrate our goal of continually raising the bar and setting new standards for multifamily marketing.”

We’re looking forward to hearing what you think of our new look! Let us know your thoughts in a comment below.

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