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Leaselabs Client Video Series: Episode 1 Banner Property Management

Chris Sumida


Our team of strategists and creatives have heard just about every client request during the branding process, and that's exactly what we want. Without a dialogue between teams, questions are not asked, and valuable conversations don't occur. We explore your business goals, ask questions that strike valuable conversations, and guide the creative decision-making process so your branding project comes to life.

Building a brand in multifamily is a very personal decision, and personal to many stakeholders; ownership, investors, developers, and management. However, what many fail at first to realize, is that the brand-to-be is most personal to the renter, your customer, and harshest critic. We understand the magnitude creative concepts have on today’s renter, and we know what makes those valuable personal connections between brands and residents. What makes our approach unique is our understanding of the multiple touchpoints an apartment’s brand are connected to; there is an ecosystem at play, with each online and offline touchpoint telling your story and narrative. 

Below, outlines a few creative touchpoints Banner Property Management and LeaseLabs discussed during the branding of The Lincoln.

The Lincoln Branding Project

In 2014, Banner Property Management approached LeaseLabs with a new project. They had a name and a development underway, which would soon become The Lincoln, a new 224 unit residential apartment community situated in the evolving Moore Square Historic District of Downtown Raleigh. Moore Square is a developing location with quite the character, containing cobblestone streets, small urban parks, historic buildings, and an eclectic mix of shops, bars, and restaurants. What makes Moore Square a desirable destination, is its historic charm mixed in with Raleigh's big-city energy. 

Because Banner already had a name for their community, our team dove straight into the logo development phase of their project. Below are a few samples from the logo presentation:

Logo Sample One:

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.53.28 AM.png

Logo Sample One combines a vintage, distressed look juxtaposed against a modern take on a classic typeface. This illustrates the relationship between Moore Square's preserved historic architecture and Raleigh's big-city feel. 

Logo Sample Two:

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.53.22 AM.png

Logo Sample Two's design uses a balance of bold and light modern typefaces to give "Lincoln" prominence. Keeping with the theme of contrasting elements, this logo features an elegant gold combined with a gritty, distressed texture. 

Logo Sample Three:

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.53.42 AM.png

Inspired by “You Are Here” symbols found on city maps, Logo Sample Three gave the client a prominent, modern design with a clever concept. The deep-red and urbane-charcoal gives this logo a sleek, sophisticated look not found in Logo Sample's One and Two. 

Logo Sample Three was ultimately chosen as the design to pursue. Both parties agreed the sleek typography and bold color palette would speak to their core market; urban professionals looking for a unique social lifestyle. 

Final Concept: "Downtown, Discovered"




"Downtown, Discovered" tells the story of Moore Square's Historic District revitalization and recent discovery as a restaurant and independent retail destination. The overall look-and-feel stays consistent with the logo chosen; bold, energetic, and ties in popular location indicator icons found on city maps. The icons you see throughout the ad series relates to specific day-to-day activities The Lincoln's "urban young professionals" target market experiences. 





Overall, the idea was to stay bright and bold. Brick textures added that small subtilty of Moore Square's look-and-feel, bringing together what makes Moore Square so unique; a charming historic district with downtown energy. 



About The LeaseLabs Client video Series

We connected with a few of our clients this past year and documented their meetings on recent projects we collaborated on. Each month we're releasing a video that outlines their projects with accompanying case studies, valuable marketing data, and an inside look into working with our amazing team. 

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