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GeoTargeter Q&A With Alliance Senior Regional Manager

Chris Sumida


When it comes to marketing your apartments, we know you have choices. There are a variety of ILSs, social media platforms, paid and organic search channels and numerous other online and offline marketing media that can supercharge your marketing initaitives. How do you know what strategies worked yesterday still work todayWith new marketing channels developing on the regular, it’s important to stay where your target market is, on their mobile phones. Below we ask a few questions to Shelley Greeves, a Senior Regional Manager at Alliance Residential Company, on the GeoTargeter campaigns running on her property, Encasa located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Encasa's lease-up strategy combined location-based precision of LeaseLabs GeoTargeter with an intent-focused Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy. Comparing campaign stats four months pre and post launch, Encasa saw a 382 percent increase in new website visitors, 340 percent increase in overall sessions, and 262 percent increase in pageviews.

LeaseLabs GeoTargeter alone brought in over 438,000 ad impressions and 1,200 ad clicks. Through the use of Conversion Zone placement around the leasing office, Encasa attributed 181 leasing office visits to their GeoTargeter ads.

Read the interview below to gain more insight into Encasa's GeoTargeter success. 

Name: Shelley Greeves

Title: Senior Regional Manager

Management Company: Alliance Residential Company

Property Name: Encasa

Property Location: Sunnyvale, CA (SF Bay Area)

LeaseLabs: What type of property is Encasa?

Shelley Greeves: Encasa is a class AAA property that includes a mix of garden-style apartments with two mid-rise, wrap-style buildings with private, tucked-under parking.

LL: What is your target demographic?

SG: Professionals within the Silicon Valley top employer markets.

LL: When did your GeoTargeter campaigns go live?

SG: December 2016.

LL: What stage was your property in when your GeoTargeter campaigns began?

SG: During our lease-up phase.

LL: Did GeoTargeter replace one of your marketing channels? If yes, what channel did it replace?

SG: We used GeoTargeter in addition to our aresenal of marketing products to differentiate from the competition in this competitive housing market.

LL: Where did you place your geofences? What geofence locations seemed to bring the most value in terms of ad engagement, website visitors, etc?

SG: We chose top employers around our location as well as some key downtown locations in Sunnyvale, Mountain View, and Santana Row (a popular shopping area). We are seeing some key clicks in the Mountain View market – which holds a higher rent base than Sunnyvale. We thought this may happen for those looking to move outside the Mountain View market area.

LL: What types of Calls-To-Action do you use in your GeoTargeter Campaigns? 

SG: "Brand New" and "Up to 8 weeks free"

LL: Have you seen success using GeoTargeter?

SG: It does reinforce our other campaigns. Brand awareness is high because prospects see our ads across multiple platforms.

LL: What differences do you see in properties using GeoTargeter versus properties not using GeoTargeter.

SG: I think the reinforcement of being "everywhere" for a fraction of the cost is key. Sometimes property websites aren't "found" through search engines and this gives us an edge in the market space.

LL: Have you seen leasing office foot traffic increase since using GeoTargeter?

SG: Our lease-up is going incredibly well and we're on track to meet our goals. We believe GeoTargeter is part of this overall equation for success in the space.

LL: Would you recommed GeoTargeter as an effective paid advertising channel?

SG: Yes!

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