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Posted by Chris Sumida on Sep 29, 2015 11:30:49 AM


Utilizing a mobile mindset is one of the most coveted new marketing strategies that top brands are using to reach their ideal demographics. Major industries have fully adopted this advertising technology and for good reason. Targeting users by their location via their smartphones creates huge local brand awareness, as well as qualified lead generation. With mobile taking over desktop and television as the US leader among media consumer use, targeting your ad messages to a growing mobile audience is more important than ever for your multifamily marketing strategy. Providing relevant and location-based advertising is paramount to making sure that your mobile marketing efforts are optimized for this new age of mobile-first residents.  

Our marketing team has created a thought-provoking infographic that breaks down the evolving mobile marketplace and consumer habits that are emerging from the changing online environment.  Products that are highly intuitive and maximize collected data from smartphones are the next wave in digital advertising and we’re blazing the trail with our latest platform, GeoTargeter

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Business Development & Digital Marketing Strategist