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Faces of LeaseLabs: Anitra Negrete

Chris Sumida

 Name: Anitra Negrete

Title: AVP | Culture

Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA (Near Los Angeles)

As AVP | Culture, can you walk me through a typical day?

Well, there’s not a typical day (laughs). Lately, I spend most of my time on recruitment and process improvements. I also work with our payroll platform to implement HR modules to help us lessen our carbon footprint and go completely paperless during the new-hire onboarding period. I’m working on ways to become more strategic with employee performance management and developing and implementing new company perks.

What brought you to LeaseLabs?

I was initially introduced to LeaseLabs through Steven, our President | Managing Partner. I was brought onboard as an HR consultant to help with special projects and provide HR assistance. A couple weeks in, Dana, our CEO asked, “so what can I do to get you here full time?”. We decided to test it out over a few months and ultimately I was brought onboard full time.

What drew me to LeaseLabs is the culture that was already in existence. I was really excited to continue growing it. I also felt really lucky to be surrounded by a group of so many intelligent, creative, and hard-working people.

How do you stay organized?

I have a couple methods! I use Evernote – it’s been a lifesaver. I also use Google Docs and Sheets to keep track of recruitment candidates, for example.

Is Human Resources something you’ve always been passionate about? Tell us about your career path to HR.

In college l majored in Psychology and minored in Sociology of the Workplace. While I was in college, my goal was to be an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist. While working on my degree, I worked at The Gap as a Sales Associate, I wasn’t exactly sure what my path was going to be after graduation.

When I graduated, my manager at the time approached me about an assistant manager role and asked if I was interested. I ended up accepting the promotion and under that role, I dealt with recruitment, performance development, payroll, and assisting in management of the team. That was the starting point of my career in HR. From there, I worked in the staffing industry for various companies and industries. After that, I launched my own HR firm and worked there for about six years. And that brings us up to the present working at LeaseLabs!

What’s the most rewarding part of your role?

When we have team members so excited about new perks and benefits we add. A recent example of this is our on-site massages. Everyone has been so thankful and given nothing but phenomenal feedback. It’s so rewarding and motivating for me to be able to give back to our employees in a cool, relevant manner. For example, instead of rewarding employees with gift cards, we’re providing an experience.

What’s your favorite LeaseLabs memory?

There are so many! If I had to choose one, it would be my surprise wedding shower. It really spoke to the fact that even though I wasn’t a full- time employee, they cared enough to put together a surprise around a big life event. I had no idea it was coming and I burst into tears (laughs).

Screenshot 2017-01-09 14.43.42.png

What do you love doing outside of the office?

With the great weather we have in San Diego and all the dog-friendly venues, I love taking my dog, Macy, out with me to the dog park and to our favorite breweries around town, although she isn’t actually drinking. Other than that, I love checking out new restaurants in the area. I love working out – my favorite workout is indoor cycling. It’s such a positive outlet to balance the hours we spend in the office.

Lastly, could you share some fun facts about yourself?

  • I backpacked through Europe for two months after college and I visited a total of 10 countries!
  • My name is from a Norwegian Waltz called Anitra’s Dance. I recently found out I’m Norwegian so that was a really neat connection.
  • I consider myself a chilaquiles super fan! I’ve tried chilaquiles at almost every restaurant in San Diego. The best one I’ve had is at Hanna's Gourmet in University Heights.

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