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the Faces of LeaseLabs: Nicole Cermak

Posted by Chris Sumida on Jul 21, 2016 4:10:12 PM


Name: Nicole Cermak

Title: Technical Project Manager

Hometown: Poway, CA

As LeaseLabs’ Technical Project Manager, what are your typical responsibilities?

I am heavily involved with scheduling for our design and development teams. I also work closely with our content and QA teams, making sure everyone understands their priorities and helping to remove blockers, if needed. I also manage internal LeaseLabs projects.

It sounds like you have your hands on many various projects. Could you walk me through a typical day?

I live in this program called TeamGantt, which has each of our team’s schedules. I am always shifting projects and responsibilities around to meet deadlines. I use our internal communication program to stay current with any changes, concerns or blockers that are preventing our teams from completing their tasks. From there, I adjust priorities accordingly.

What brought you to LeaseLabs?

I started at LeaseLabs about two years ago. I loved the idea of joining a female-owned and managed company. I felt it was a place where I could continue to grow through mentorship from seasoned managers. I was drawn to the focus of the company; instead of a traditional digital marketing agency that has clients in all verticals, I really liked how LeaseLabs focused on a few very specific verticals. There has been so much growth and change in the past two years - and it’s been so much fun to be part of it!

With so much communication and projects under your guidance, how are you able to stay on top of time-management?

Pencil and paper. I write everything down in my notebook so I don’t forget about it. I’ve tried several organization software programs, but nothing compares to writing things down. I also live by my Google calendar reminders. This helps me make sure I spend time on certain tasks that need attention throughout the day.

Do you ever find it challenging to prioritize your tasks?

At times, yes. To help mitigate this, I start my day by looking at my calendar and creating a to do list. From there, I block out time to complete high-priority tasks.

If I ever feel fuzzy about priorities, I take a step back and remind myself of the overall goal of the project. The trick is to stay focused and minimize distractions from email and other interruptions.

It sounds like you have a technical background but with a creative eye and a knack for facilitating projects. What brought you to this role?

I’ve had a few roles, all of which align my strengths with company needs. I feel very fortunate that LeaseLabs has adjusted my position based on my strengths.

I started as an Account Strategist | Project Manager, then after about a year I was promoted to Senior Account Strategist | Project Manager. I was thrilled and extremely grateful for the opportunity. However, earlier this year, we had a need for a project manager for the technical teams. There is something I really enjoy about working closely with our internal teams, so when the Technical Project Manager role was developed, I knew it was something I’d love to do.

You have been a big part in the launch of our Scrolling Page Architecture™ (SPA) website themes. What is the most beneficial quality of SPA?

We are able to build the core functionality of Scrolling Page Architecture™ websites efficiently and quickly leaving more time for customizations like animations and adding in interactive floor plans.
SPA sites are extremely unique in that they mimic a web application without using the data an app typically takes. Our SPA sites allow us to design beautiful custom sites for our clients. Our development team can program SPA websites much more efficiently than traditional websites. This means the site looks amazing, launches sooner, ranks on Google sooner and gets in front of prospects’ eyes sooner. It’s win-win for both our teams and our clients.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Working with the design and development teams. They’re such creative people and it shows with their problem solving solutions. For example, designers problem solve in creative ways whereas, the developers try to solve problems by coming up with code. The end result is the two come together and deliver the best websites to our clients.


What is your fondest LeaseLabs memory?

Well, I have many but my fondest would have to be “bring your child to work day” that Dana, our CEO, organized. There’s a group of us in the office that have children and we are always sharing stories, so it was cool to have all the kids in one place. It was really fun to see people that I work with on a professional level turn into parents, and see how they interacted with their children. It was a really special, fun day!

When you aren’t in the office, what do you love doing?

As a mother of a 2 ½-year-old, family time is a huge part of my life. My son, Jacob, is in a really fun, creative stage right now. He’s expressing himself really well and loves staying active by playing and going to the park. When I’m not wearing my “mom” hat, I love taking time for myself by doing yoga. I’m also a HUGE Game of Thrones fan!

Lastly, what are some fun facts about yourself?

  • I can wiggle my ears.
  • I am a proficient whistler.
  • I was a radio DJ in college.
  • I play the saxophone and piano.

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