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Leaselabs Client Video Series: Episode 1 Banner Property Management

Posted by Chris Sumida on Feb 23, 2017 7:28:58 AM


Our team of strategists and creatives have heard just about every client request during the branding process, and that's exactly what we want. Without a dialogue between teams, questions are not asked, and valuable conversations don't occur. We explore your business goals, ask questions that strike valuable conversations, and guide the creative decision-making process so your branding project comes to life.

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Three Key Takeaways from Google’s New Logo

Posted by Steven Ozbun on Sep 2, 2015 11:29:20 AM


Google today unveiled a new logo that would become the brand’s biggest singular visual change since its inception in 1999. Unveiled with a Google doodle displaying an animation that wiped off the old logo and replaced it with a new one, Google presented a bold, sans-serif logo that will adapt and scale better than its predecessor. While the new logo may not seem like a significant update, there were incredibly important decisions that went into this transformation of type and its impact on user experience across Google’s suite of products.

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